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  The Fairbanks to Anchorage trip is a 12-hour journey through some of the most stunning vista in North America. Rail in Alaska is not for business, but for leisure.  You don’t rush to get from the north to south or vice versa; you are here to enjoy the journey. I consider this train trip […]

Can you imagine what -40 Celsius really looks like? A dead and depressed city with everything closed? Or people do not care and keep moving on with their routines? In Toronto I believe it is rather later than the former. Having spent three winters in Canada, in three cities, I hereby illustrate how the coldest […]

Before I started writing this blogpost, I just tweeted my Hawaii feature, the only article, published in Matador Network two years ago.( For original article you can read here, but no negative comments please!). As I re-read my published work and felt a sense of pride, I have noticed almost 50 comments at the bottom of […]

I am not intent to put down myself but this is true: I think I have a pretty ordinary travel blog, and my writing is not up-to standard at some point.  Readers probably feel it too, if they read it. I am still working on to better my blog. I travel and write as the […]

For many, traveling with US domestic airlines has been an unpleasant experience rife with delays and cancellations, boarding denials, mishandled bags, and oversold bookings. Unsatisfied customer service, exorbitant airfares, and additional payments can turn an inspirational journey into a walk in hell. Passengers keep complaining about the lack of professional service of the major commercial […]